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Answers makes the challenge of writing help documents simple and easy. Using a content-based approach you can make a beautiful Help Book or FAQ in a just few minutes. Create your text, then select a sleek theme to stylize your help.

Answers takes care of the hard part; maintaining all those links, pages, and files for you. Just enter your content, build, and go!


Answers.dmg - 11 MB

Bundled with Answers are several themes to get you going quickly, and even a blank one so you can build a classic-style anchor tag FAQ and paste it right into your website.

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Answers is free?

Yup! You can use Answers to create even massive corporate help documents for free. The export options for HTML books and classic-style anchor tag FAQ are totally free to use.

There aren't even nag screens! I use software too, and I know how useless and annoying nag screens are. While using the free version you will never see a nag screen.

The free level is totally capable of building html that you can use with Apple Help Indexer or make Windows Compiled Help.

So what are Pro features?

Pro level lets you export to many more options including PHP websites. PHP websites require far fewer files than a HTML website, which is nicer on your server (especially for big projects.)

Animated export options will impress your visitors. You can dynamically load categories, questions, and answers, all with nice animations. Don't worry about code, Answers has that covered.

A collapsible export style displays your data the way classic anchor tags do, but displays the selected section with an accordion style animation. Classic feel, in a sleek new style.

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