What makes Answers fantastic?

Impressive Output

Answers help documents will impress your users. Animated outputs give your documents a professional feel without any code. Themes let you select the best design for your purpose.

Any Way You Want It; That's The Way You Need It

Choose from six build types to suit your exact needs. Control the behavior of the finished document with the many options available. Set your own metadata with Properties, and optimize the output for your website with Options.

Quick Start

To publish a help document all you need is your text. Answers handles the styles, organization, and the presentation of your document. So just let Answers worry about all the details, you have a help document to publish!

If you have a website already, Answers has a "Blank Theme" that you can use to build just the blob of HTML you need to copy to your website. Paste in the output from Answers, and all of the text and links will have the style your website already uses.

Thinking With Themes

Several themes are bundled with Answers to use right away.

Themes mean that all you have to do to publish a document is write your help text and Build.

Just two steps, and one of them is only clicking!

About The Export Styles

Static HTML

Available in both the Pro and Free versions, Static HTML output can be indexed to make help books.

Use Apple Help Indexer, or compile as Windows Compiled Help (.chm) to be used right inside your own apps!

Dynamic PHP

Used only on a webserver, this output drastically reduces the number of files created by Answers.

No databases are needed, and your help document is stored in a clever use of arrays; so it can be used with all versions of PHP in the wild!

Classic Anchor Tags

A very familiar style everyone knows, click a link and it takes you down the page to an answer.

Free for everyone, copy and paste to get up and going quickly without writing any boilerplate code.

Collapsible HTML

Clicking a title expands the entry below almost like an accordion. It's a classic feel, in a sleek new style.

jQuery Loading

Options marked with "+ jQuery" build documents that load pages quietly with jQuery. These transitions can be animated. While these calls don't technically save you bandwidth, they have a smoother more impressive feeling.

So Much More

There's so much more going on in Answers than I can tell you about here on this page. The best way to learn about what it can do is to play with it!

Download Answers and give it a try, you really can build documents for free!

Everyone Needs A Comparison Chart

Zero Nag Screens
HTML Export
Classic Anchor Style
Maximum QuestionsUnlimitedUnlimited
Maximum CategoriesUnlimitedUnlimited
HTML Editor
Custom CSS
Edit the Meta Tags
Custom File Names
Remove LinkbackHelp documents built with the free version have a link to http://nswrs.com at the bottom in the copyright line.
Animated Pages
PHP Export
jQuery to Load Pages
Free DownloadBuy Now!